Siemen’s Process Industries and Drives Division continuously works to improve the reliability, safety, and efficiency of products, processes and plants. Their products can be found around the world and are based on best-in-class technology platforms like Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) or Integrated Drive Systems (IDS).

Siemens Manufacturers works closely with partners to develop long-term solutions meant to last the entire lifecycle of the project. By using standardized components wherever possible, and matching industry-specific solutions to meet customers’ specialized needs in all segments of industry – products, systems, and solutions last for the long term.

The process industry is the heart of Siemens business which is proved through limitless applications, installed in all types of industries. Their core mission is to increase productivity in every part of the value chain for each and every application so that businesses can respond faster and more precisely to new market requirements and strengthen their competitiveness, while maintaining a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Integrated Drive Systems Promote Productivity, Energy-Efficiency and Reliability

Siemens Manufactures offers Integrated Drive Systems to promote true one-stop solutions for entire drive trains. These systems integrate seamlessly in any drive train and any automation environment and will turn common drive components into drive systems. An Integrated Drive System means greater reliability, superior productivity, and shorter time to profit.

Important components of Siemens Manufactures Integrated Drive Systems include gears, couplings, electric motors, variable speed drives, and much more. Additional integrated products include variable frequency low voltage motor drives (electric inverters), medium voltage drives, and DC drives. Siemens has been setting global standard for decades, and can help businesses achieve their goals, including energy savings, energy capture, reduced time-to-market, engineering support, or process improvements.

Integrated Drive Systems includes the following components:

Converters – the right frequency converter for every drive application. Siemens products range from basic drives, dynamic servo drives for Motion Control to medium voltage drives — plus tailored solutions, including: SINAMICS, MICROMASTER and LOHER DYNAVERT frequency converters.

Motors – electric motors cover the entire range of synchronous and asynchronous technology: from standard systems and servomotors for Motion Control applications to high voltage, DC and customized electric.

Generators – includes high and low voltage, diesel and turbine-driven generators. For many years, Siemens wind generators have enjoyed a No. 1 position in the global market.

Geared Motors – a full range of geared motors means you will find the best product for your needs. The new SIMOGEAR motor delivers the highest level of flexibility due to the wide range of gear units, total adaptability and compact design.

Gear Units – powerful standard gear units can be universally used in many fields of application. These application-related gear units are highly specialized for particular industry sectors.

Couplings – high-quality FLENDER couplings include a wide range of flexible, highly flexible, torsionally rigid and hydrodynamic couplings and in numerous sizes and versions. Some FLENDER coupling series are maintenance-free, others have long maintenance intervals.

Selection and engineering tools – tool portfolio provides professional tools for the configuration of simple drive components to the engineering of complex drive systems and solutions.