The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry uses a variety of motor technologies in its equipment. The size, manufacturer and make of an HVAC electric motor best suited to your HVAC system depends upon several criteria, including the product’s performance goals, positioning, cost and potential application.

Electric motors represent about 60% of the power used in U.S. industrial buildings, around 50% in commercial structures and a little less in homes. The key to getting the most out of your HVAC equipment is having a high-efficiency electric motor. A high-quality HVAC motor will help increase both the lifetime and power of your HVAC systems.  For certain industries, like research, food, pharmaceutical, and greenhouses, where it is critical that exact temperatures and conditions are maintained, a high-quality HVAC electric motor can provide the reliability these industries must have in order to succeed.

How Baker Can Help

Baker Technical Services has been powering industries for many years and we fit the motor to the application, including direct drive blower motors, belt drive motors, HVAC blower motors, and more. We never install more than you need and we stay ahead of current trends in the HVAC industry with a special eye toward the area of energy efficiency.

Brands We Service

We offer the top brands in the HVAC motor industry, such as AO Smith HVAC Motors, and General Electric HVAC Motors. We carry CSA Certified HVAC electric motors to ensure high quality performance and safety. These GE HVAC motors and HVAC fan motors are UL listed, and maintain cool running temperatures and high starting torque for long operating life.

No question, high- and premium-efficiency motors can save many times their purchase price over their service lives, as long as certain factors are taken into account. Their selection must be founded on solid engineering analysis in order to realize high savings. Our engineering professionals can help you choose the right electric motor for your HVAC application to that you can benefit from these savings.

Browse our electric motor selection to find a high-speed motor for air conditioning or lower-speed options for heating and air circulation.

Ask about our maintenance agreements! We offer a full service maintenance agreement, so you won’t get caught with your systems down.

Call us today at 1-877-BAKER-17or contact us online with your phase, voltage, and horsepower, frame size specifications, and we will help you find the product to fit your needs.

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