As consumers, we tend to think of our electricity bills as an unfortunate yet inescapable fact of life that we are just forced to accept. However, the problem with this approach is that as any athelete will tell you, you’ll never make the baskets that you don’t take. Likewise, it’s difficult to reduce your electricity bill if you’re not actively seeking ways to do so.

How Tesla Motors is Revolutionizing Home Energy

If you have been looking for ways to become energy independent, you’ll be happy to know that there is someone out there who is working to change the way we consume power – for the better. That would be none other than Tesla Motors. As a point of fact, they are currently in the process of developing a technology that will allow you to generate your own residential electricity.

The technology relies upon a household battery that generates enough juice to power each of your household appliances. Not only that, but if you wanted, you could even go a step further by producing slightly more power than you need. You could then send your surplus energy back to power grid and the power company would pay you for it!

All of this is made possible through the hard work and dedication of Tesla’s CEO, the electrical engineering genius known as Elon Musk. Indeed, just this week he announced to the world that his team has already completed the design and that the revolutionary home battery is nearly ready for production. In fact, while full-fledged production is not expected to begin until year end, Tesla has already begun testing the batteries in a number of California residences.

How the Tesla Residential Battery is Different

If you are thinking to yourself that there have already been several very successful attempts to produce clean and renewable energy, you are correct. Namely, these approaches use wind or solar power. Nonetheless, as effective as these technologies have been, none of them have given consumers or businesses enough incentive to walk away from grid-based power – entirely.

This is what makes Tesla’s new technology unique. Not only is it a clean energy source, but is also practical enough to allow you to completely alleviate your electric bill. Furthermore, it aims to make renewable energy affordable.

Even though the cost of installing and maintaining the Tesla home battery has not been unannounced yet, there is speculation that the battery system will help homeowners save money over time by eliminating their monthly electricity bill.

The Broad Appeal of this Renewable Energy Source

While it may be tempting to think that this technology only appeals to sustainability enthusiasts, the appeal is actually much broader. For instance, giving homeowners the power to generate their own electricity means that the technology could become a boon in areas that are riddled with power failures, electricity rationing or outages.

This should come as welcome news to anyone residing in rural areas because until now seeking alternative energy sources meant being dependent primarily upon propane or gas powered generators. However, recent fuel cost increases are making these energy sources more expensive–by the day.

As a result, these alternative power generation options could soon become too costly for the typical American homeowner. But again, the good news is that Tesla’s green energy battery doesn’t require fuel but still packs enough punch to power both homes and commercial properties. Although this is all of the information that we have – at the moment – the story does not end here. As further news of Tesla’s sustainable battery system becomes available, we will continue to keep you informed – so stay tuned!